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InfoWhen you’re new to astronomy, a used telescope is the perfect place to start. Buying a second hand telescope gives you the chance to you try your had at what can, after all, be an expensive hobby, but without committing oodles of cash. Used telescopes offer great value for money for both the novice and more experienced astronomer alike, allowing you to get your hands on the top brands and high spec models without being saddled with an off the shelf pricetag. Second hand telescopes come onto the market at a fraction of their retail price. Just as a new car loses value the second it is driven off the garage forecourt, new telescopes diminish in value from the date of purchase. There is therefore huge scope to snap up an amazing bargain, with many examples at rock bottom prices and in immaculate condition, barely having been out of the box.

Those new to astrology are often duped by the outlandish magnification claims made by some manufacturers. Don't be fooled into thinking bigger is better. A magnifying power of 50-100x will give very impressive results. 200x will offer superb visuals, but only works well with a sky free from light pollution and atmospheric haze. Instead of being lured by impossibly high magnification claims, the beginner should be looking at the diameter of the lens or mirror. This is the most important feature to consider and here big really does mean better, and in some cases very expensive.

The Meade ETX range is great for the beginner. These telecopes are highly functional and easy to understand and are perfect for those who want to try their hand at stargazing without forking out an arm and a leg. For those who want to do some serious stargazing, you'll be looking for a Schmidt-Cassegrain or high spec refractor, but it's best not to go jumping in with a telescope that's so complicated it'll have you tearing your hair out after the first hour, unless you have someone with experience who can teach you.

We are pleased to offer a fantastic selection of used telescopes from established, well respected brands. Scroll down to view our second hand telescope showcase. We are pleased to offer mail order delivery on most items, along with some amazing discounts. If you can’t find exactly the telescope you’re looking for on this page, you’re sure to on the next. Alternatively, click on the links to the left to browse our telescope categories. Our listings are fully searchable for those who know exactly what they're looking for. Just scroll to the top of the page, key in the item you’re looking for, hit ‘Search’ and we’ll do our best to find it for you. Remember, our stocklist of second hand telescopes is continuously updated so be sure to bookmark us. If we don’t have the perfect used telescope here for you today, we’re sure to have it tomorrow.

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