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InfoI have been a lecturer in astronomy for many years and have spoken at every type of establishments from Universities to primary schools. I also give talks to private clubs and societies and undertake what our American cousins call “Pavement Astronomy” that is I set up a large telescope in a public place on a night where there is a good well cratered view of the Moon and other spectacular objects and let the public have a look and a chat. Towards this end I use an 8 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain reflecting telescope mounted on an Ioptron Mini Tower Pro with heavy duty tripod this is a GO-TO telescope driven by a Celestron “Power Pack “the whole unit being great for this type of observation. I am always pleased at the reception these viewing evenings get as so many people have never seen through a large telescope, the usual reaction is a stunned WOW ! followed by many questions. I hope you derive pleasure from my site and that you to are able to get out and view some of the highlights that are reviewed each month.

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