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InfoSince the 1960's, when Gordon Taylor travelled from Herstmonceux to lecture and help set up the Society, the emphasis has been in serious practical work. The meetings are conducted on reasonably formal lines and consist of reports of Society activities, members' observations, etc. Section directors have been appointed to co-ordinate the members' work on certain subject areas, such as variable stars and occultations in a similar fashion to that pertaining in the British Astronomical Association.

There is a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer to undertake those essential functions but little other bureaucracy. There are no Society rules, no constitution, no committee and no AGM - just astronomy!

The Society administers the observatory containing the 24 inch (60 cm) telescope. Members who have passed tests of competence have keys to the observatory and unrestricted access.

In addition to the observatory with its accompanying room, the Society uses the premises of the Manor House for its Meetings, to store its library and to display notices. From the early days a voluntary scheme of subscribing to astronomical journals has been in operation whereby interested members pay £10 per year towards the purchase of 15 separate journals. These may be borrowed thus giving members the opportunity of reading a far wider range of astronomical literature than would otherwise be possible. The Society now possesses over 2,000 separate journals all of which have been properly indexed.

The Society is a member of the BAA, SPA, FAS , The Astronomer and the Webb Society. In addition individuals belong to the RAS, IAPPP, ASP and IOTA.

A record of Society activities as published in the press and copies of papers written by members are retained in an archive held at the Manor House.

Finally, a non-astronomical matter. In has been the custom since before memory for members to retire to the 'Crayford Arms' on the Thursday evening after a lecture or meeting (and even in the holiday period!). A special scheme of recording drinks consumed and drinks paid for ensures that equity and harmony prevails.

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