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InfoOn this site you will watch me grow from a total amateur astronomer, to a total amateur astronomer :) I am totally new to this, but already I am fascinated with the night sky.

To begin with I have been watching the sky with my eyes only, trying to learn the constellations. I've always known where Polaris was in the sky, and Orion, one of the easy ones.

Next I made a planisphere, a wonderfull easy piece of equipment to use. In my links page you will be able to download one to make. ( I hasten to add I downloaded it ) I'm not that bright.

Next I began with binoculars, (10x50) looking at Jupitor and its moons. The Moon with its crators, Pleiades, and Great Nebula Orions Belt.
The problem with binoculars, they make your arms tired and you start to see fireworks swirling around. Not owning a tripod I made myself one, very Heath Robinson :) but it works. I might include a picture for a laugh.

There is lots of info on the net, one of wich is Stellarium, a free to download program
that shows the night sky from where you live. Easy to set up.

The most frustrating thing is cloudy skies, (I want to get out there).

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