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InfoThe CfDS aims to preserve and restore the beauty of the night sky by campaigning against excessive, inefficient and irresponsible lighting that shines where it is not wanted nor needed.

We believe that light should only shine where it is needed and wanted, and no-where else. Doing so is both easy and cost-effective - and with significant health and safety benefits.

Much wasted light shines up into the sky, causing the visual orange "smog" that hangs over towns and cities at night, intruding into the countryside, and destroying our view of a star-lit sky.

This Light Pollution is a visible and needless waste of resources, which contributes to global warming - hundreds of millions of pounds worth of electricity is wasted each year in the UK alone through poor lighting.

Because astronomers are the most sensitive to the effect of light pollution, the CfDS is a sub-section of the British Astronomical Association, although our membership is made up of a wide range of people, from lighting engineers to astrophysicists.

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