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InfoHome to the fruits of my labour in the addictive hobby of astroimaging.

My name is Mike Deegan and I have always had a casual interest in astronomy, casual until I bought a cheap 3.5 " reflector from the supermarket. At that time I just looked at the Moon ,planets and pointed it at the sky in general, But what I saw through that cheap scope,Craters on the moon and the rings of saturn, gave me the thirst for more.

So I decided to buy a Skywatcher 130M (4.5") reflector with a powered R.A equatorial mount and had a great time looking at the moon and planets.Then I had the idea of putting my point and shoot digital camera up to the eyepiece and taking a shot of the moon.

From there it has been a slow but steady progression from webcam imaging (Toucam pro 2), a webcam based SAC8-2, bigger scope(Skywatcher 10" reflector) and to where I am now imaging with a Starlight express HX916 CCD.

I Hope you enjoy the images on this site half as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

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